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Updated January 33

Bobby finally has his own official web site! Please visit.

This is the most enthusiastic fans home page of our Bobby Goldsboro in the world and a place
where you can share your love for Bobby's music and communicate with other his fans.

For the first time, when I was fifteen, I heard his song "Autumn of My Life"by chance.
I got really excited at his voice. Since then I have been a super fan of Bobby for 30 years.
And I was a member of Bobby Goldsboro Fan Club that was managed by Jan Brown. The News
letter was rich in content. So I'd like to publish a news letter like Jan's on this page.

Please write your comment and Bobby's news to make a fan's page.
I hope you'll enjoy this page(Updated January 30)

Keiki Sato

If you are looking for news, check out News Flash( Bobby's latest photo! January 29, 1999)
And you can find his discography(Updated December 27) and "Watching Bobby Grow 1,2".
albums and singles released in Japan,Bobby's Lyrics,
The Bobby Goldsboro Single File (1960-1984)

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