The Bobby Goldsboro Single File (1960-)


1960 Dizzy Boy/Why Must I Be?(With The Webbs)

1961 Lost (Cricket In My Ear)/Blue Skies (With The Webbs)


1963 Molly/Honey Baby

1963 Lonely Traveler/You Better Go Home

1963 Light The Candles/That's What Love will Go

1963 The Letter/The Runaround


1963 See The Funny Little Crown/Hello Loser

1964 Whenever He Holds You/If She Was Mine

1964 Me Japanese Boy I love You/Everyone But Me

1964 Little Drops of Water/I Don't Know You Anymore

1964 Little Things/I Can't Go On Pretending

1965 Voodoo Woman/It Break My Heart

1965 If You've Got A Heart/If You Wait For Love

1965 Broomstick Cowboy/Ain't Got Time For Happy

1965 It's Too Late/I'm Going Home

1966 I Know You Better Than That/When Your Love Has Gone

1966 Take Your Love/Longer Than Forever

1966 It hurts Me/Pity The Fool

1966 Blue Autumn/I Just Don't Love You anymore

1967 Goodbye To All You Woman/Love Is

1967 Trusty Little Herbert/Three In The Morning

1967 Pledge Of Love/Jo Jo's Place

1968 Our Way Of Life/I Just Wasted The Rest (With Del Reeves)

1968 Honey/Danny

1968 Autumn Of My Life/She Chased Me

1968 The Straight Life/Tomorrow Is Forgotten

1968 Look Around You(It's Christmas Time)/A Christmas Wish

1969 Glad She's A Woman/Letter To Emily

1969 I'm A Drifter/Hobos And Kings

1969 Muddy Mississippi Line/Richer Man Than I

1969 She Thinks I Still Care/Take A Little Good Will Home (With Del Reeves)

1969 Mornin' Mornin/Requiem

1970 Can You Feel It/Time Good, Time Bad

1970 It's Gonna Change/Down On The Bayou

1970 My God And I/The World Beyond

1970 Watchin' Scotty Grow/Water Color Days

1971 The Gentle Of A Man/And I Love You So

1971 Come Back Home/I'll Remember You

1971 Danny Is A Mirror To Me/Poem For My Little Girl

1972 California Wine/To Be With You

1972 Southern Fried Singin'-Sunday Mornin'/With Pen In Hand

1973 Brand New Kind Of Love/Country Feelin'

1973 Summer(The First Time)/Childfood 1949

1973 Marlena/Sing Me A Smile

1974 I Believe The South Is Gonna Rise Again/She

1974 Quicksand/And There Was Gina

1974 Hello Summertime/And Then There Was Gina

1975 You Put Me Down/And There Was Gina

1975 Sing A Long(La La La)/You Pull Me Down

1976 A Butterfly For Bucky/Another Night Alone

1976 Reunion/She Taught Me How To Live Again


1977 These Are The Best Of Times


1977 Me And The Elephants/I Love Music

1978 Cowboy And The Lady/Me And Millie

1979 Too Hot To Handle/He'll Have To Go

1979 Black Fool's Gold/Life Gets Hard On Easy Street


1980 Love Has Made A Woman Out Of You/Goodbye Marie

1980 Wings Of An Angle/Love Ain't Never Hurt Nobody

1981 Green Eyed Woman, Nashville Bluse/Alice Doesn't Love Here Anymore

1982 Lucy And The Stranger/Out Run The Sun

1982 Roundup Saloon/Green Eyed Woman, Nashville Blues

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