Discography 1 (1964-1967)

The Bobby Goldsboro Album (1964) United Artists-UAS 6358

See The Funny Little Clown
Hi Lili, Hi Lo
Go Away Little Girl
Hello Loser/He Sits At My Table
Roses Are Red
Whenever He Holds You
Why Don't They Understand
Too Young/Cry Me A River
It's All In The Game/The End Of The World

I Can't Stop Loving You (1964) United Artists-UAS 6381

I Can't Stop Loving You
The Grass Looks So Much Greener
You Don't Know Me/I Can't Go On Pretending
Born To Lose/Lonely Street
Abilene/Let It Be Me
Worried Mind/Everyone But Me
It Keeps Right On A Hurtin'
A Fool Such As I

Little Things (1965) United Artists-UAS 6425

Little Things/The Time For Us
I Don't Know You Anymore
Good-bye To Hillside High
You'll Never Know
Happy With Him
Me Japanese Boy, I Love You
Little Drops Of Water
If You Got A Heart
World Without Love
If She Was Mine/Pity The Fool

Broomstick Cowboy (1965) United Artists-UAS 6471

Broomstick Cowboy
I'm Goin' Home/If You Got A Heart
Blue On White/Let It Be Me
Ain't Got Time For Happy

Breaks My Heart/If You Wait For Love
Where Did All The Rainbows Go
You Don't Know me/A Long Way To Be Happy

It's Too Late (1966) United Artists-UAS 6486

It's Too Late
As Tears Go By
Don't Think Twice
Baby's Gone
When Your Love Has Gone
Nothin's Bad As Bein' Lonely
Blue Autumn/Michelle
I Just Don't Love You Anymore

Blue Autumn (1966) United Artists-UAS 6552

Blue Autumn
She Chased Me
Too Many People
Take Your Love
Longer Than Forever
Pledge Of Love
It's Hurts Me
Love Is/Talk Talk Talk
Know You Better Than That

Solid Goldsboro (1967) United Artists-UAS 6561

Little ThingsBlue Autumn/
Voodoo Woman
Me Japanese Boy, I Love You
If You Wait For Love
Broomstick Cowboy
It's Too Late
See The Funny Little Clown
If You Got A Heart
Whenever He Holds You
It Hurts Me/I Know You Better Than That

The Romantic, Wacky, Soulful, Rockin', Country, Bobby Goldsboro
(1967) United Artists-UAS 6599

Trusty Little Herbert
Danny/Mojo Hand
Ruby Tuesday
Waitin' In Your Welfare Line
Hard Luck Joe
I'm A Little Mixed Up
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town
No Fun At The Fair
My Cup Runneth Over
Three In The Morning

Our Way Of Life -With Del Reeves (1967) United Artists-UAS 6615

Our Way Of Life
Under Your Spell Again
Walking On New Grass
Here We Go Again
Heartaches By The Number
Take A Little Good Will Home
I Just Wasted The Rest
She Thinks I Still Care
A Dime At A Time
Crazy Arms
I Ain't Broke But I'm Badly Bent

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