Discography 3 (1973-1978)

Brand New Kind Of Love (1973) United Artists-UA-LA019

Brand New Kind Of Love
Let Me Love You For Tonight
I Believe In Music
The Guitar Man
A Song For Children
I Can See Clearly Now
By Your Side/Fever
Birmingham Lucy

Summer(The First Time) (1973) United Artists-UA-LA124

Summer(The First Time)
Marlena/He's Part Of Us
The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore
Sing Me A Smile
Mississippi Delta Queen/She
Killing Me Softly With Her Song
Spread My Wings And Fly
If'n I Was God

10th Anniversary Album (1974) United Artist-UA-LA311

See The Funny Little Crown/Little Things/Voodoo Woman
If You've Got A Heart/Broomstick Cowboy/It's Too Late
Blue Autumn/Honey/Autumn Of My Life/The Straight Life

I'm A Drifter/Muddy Mississippi Line/Can You Feel It
Watchin' Scotty Grow/Come Back Home/With Pen In Hand
California Wine/Brand New Kind Of Love/Summer(The First

Through The Eyes Of A Man (1975) United Artists-UA-LA424-G

All The Woman I've wanted
I believe The South Is Gonna Rise Again
Reunion/Kids Are People Too
Cuddle Up
You Pull Me Down(Into Sweet,Sweet Love)
Behind Closed Doors
And Then There Was A Gina
Hello, Summertime

A Butterfly For Bucky (1976) United Artists-UA-LA639-G

A Butterfly For Bucky
She Taught Me How To Live Again
Best To Be Free
Chippin' Away
Another Night Alone
Love Me The American Way
Reunion/Kids Are People Too
Cuddle Up
I Wrote A Song(Sing Along)

Goldsboro (1977) Epic-AL 34703

I Think You're Losing The Feeling
Me And The Elephants
Life Gets Hard On Easy Street
Black Fool's Gold
Me And Millie/He'll Have To Go
I Can't Help It(If I'm Still In Love With You)
I Love Music
Mary Lou(Has Finally Made It To Broadway)
The Cowboy And The Lady

Bobby Goldsboro's Greatest Hits (1978) United Artists-UAS 5502

The Straight Life
Glad She's A Woman
I'm A Drifter
See The Funny Little Crown
It's Too Late/With Pen In Hand
Muddy Mississippi Line
Autumn Of My Life
Can You Feel It
Blue Autumn

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