Bobby Goldsboro Lyrics 3

<Watching Scotty Grow>

There he sits with a pen and a yellow pad
What a handsome lad, that's my boy
B-R-L-F-Q spells mom and dad
Well that ain't too bad, 'cause that's my boy
Well you can have your TV and your nightclubs
And you can have your drive-in - picture show
I'll stay here with my little man near
We'll listen to the radio
Biding my time watching Scotty grow

Making a castle out of building blocks
And a cardboard box, that's my boy
Micky Mouse says it's thirteen o'clock
Well that's quite a shock, but that's my boy
In four short years I've gone from rags to riches
And what I did before that, I don't know
So let it rain on my windowpane
I got my own rainbow
And we're sitting here shining, watching Scotty grow

Riding on daddy's shoulders up to bed
Old sleepyhead, that's my boy
Gotta have a drink of water and a story read
A teddybear named Fred, that's my boy
What's that you say momma, come on and keep your feet warm?
Well save me a place I'll be there in a minute or so
I think I'll stay right here
And say a little prayer before I go
Me and God are watching Scotty grow
Me and God are watching Scotty grow

<Come Back Home>

There's a man I've read about
And they say he lives forever
When the world was filled with sin
He came and brought the world together
Then he left us on our own
Now it's time again for him to come back home

'Cause this world is full of hate
He's got to come before it's too late
'Cause we can't make it on our own
And it's time again for him to come back home

Come back home
Make the streams flow to the valleys
And take away the clouds that hide the sun
Come back home
Teach each man to love his neighbor
And give us one more chance to right the wrong we've done
If only for the children come back home

You gave us trees
We cut them down
Your sky of blue
We've make it hazy
Your lakes and streams
They're dark and cold
And it's time again for you to come back home

'Cause our time is running out
And the world is slowly dying
The things we done have all gone wrong
And it's time again for you to come back home

Yes, it's time again for you to come back home

<It's Gonna Change>

In the silence of the early morning
The sun lights still sweeping away
And I'll see you are lying close behind me
And I can't place another day

And my thoughts go back to one September
And I promised I have things to tell
But we recieve so many cold Decembers
And it looks like they are still the same

It's gonna change, I know
Someday I know still I'll find a way
And I'll make you proud again someday
If you will stay for one more night or two
And know my life will come shining through

Guess it's gonna change take all that longer
To find to put out and looking for
But if you and my fate will grow much stronger
And I know that soon I'll find the door

I can't blame you if you want to leave me
I know it's been a long and hot drive
But it's you just waited that longer
And I know we'll soon on the other side

<I Just Wasted The Rest> With Del Reeves

I spent a fourth of my life chasing woman near me too
And I guess boozed a couple of another quarter more like half that's it
Ah my whole life long has been wine, women and song
Not necessarily in that order
Well there ain't much I ain't done
And I sure had some fun
And the worst I ever had was the best
He's the greatest
That the way our life's been spent at least 90%
And I guess we just wasted the rest

Oh now how we used to roar up in Baltimore
Those gals know how to treat you right
And we used to stole down in San Antone
We spent a year down there in just one night I remember that
I know there might be someone might think we're nothin' but bums
That's why we gotta it off our chest

That's the way our life's been spent at least 90%
I guess we just wasted the rest...
Let's wasted some more

<And I Love You So>

And I love you so
The people ask me how
How I believe to now
I tell them I don't know
I guess they understand how lonely life is been
But life begin again
The day you took my hand

And yes, I know how lonely life can be
The shadows follow me
And night won't set me free
But I don't let the evening get ( bring) me down
Now that's you're around me

And you'll love me too
You thought so just for me
You set my spirit free
I'm happy that you do
The book of life is brief
And once a page is read
All that love is dead
The mine belief

<Hello, Summertime>

Birds and bees and all the flowers and trees and fishes on the line
Girls and gays in yellow boat are fine
Singing hello, summertime
A homely boat and the river to flow
With nothing on a mind
Summer moon above two people in love
Singing hello, summertime

Summertime, yes that is the song
Yes summertime and summertime fine
It's a time for two, just me and you
And summertime

Swing from the rain drop in full swing
Here's the water shoe looks fine
And nothing alone just float belong
Singing hello, summertime
Summertime grains lots of good friends
We all feel it fine
Watch the sun go down, hear the summer sounds
Singing hello summertime

<Hard Luck Joe>

I'm an empty pocket. I'm a worn-out shoe
I've ruined every thing I ever tried to do
I'm a broken bottle. I'm a fallen star
Doesn't anybody need an old used car

I've never been too lucky. I've never heard applause
I'm not a has-been. I'm a never-was
I'm a drop of wate. I'm a grain of sand
Never anybody to lend a helpin' hand

Hard luck Joe, you all know me
I live in every town
I've never seem to get a break
I just get pushed around

I'm a burned-out candle. I'm a broken toy
I hear the jeers and laughter of every girl and boy
All I am is wasted. I live a life of pain
Never see the sunshine, all I see is rain

<Water Color Days>

Remember when the air was clear enough for us to see through
And the sky was a water color blue
A picture in my mind, the two of us in the early morning dew
When the colors of flowers were true
Water color days come back to me
Our sweet bird of youth has flown away
Let me taste the sweetness of your smile
Take me back to heaven

Take me back to fields and meadows green and let me see the sun
And cotton candy clouds where rainbows run
And take away the haze and let me see and let us touch and then
Turn the hour glass over again
Water co
lor days come back to me
Our sweet bird of youth has flown away
Let me taste the sweetness of your smile
Take me back to heaven

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