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This is the most enthusiatic fans home page of our Bobby Goldsboro in the world and a place
where you can share your love for Bobby's music and communicate with other his fans.

For the first time, when I was fifteen in 1968,
I heard his song "Autumn of My Life"by chance.
I got really excited at his voice. Since then I have been a super fan of Bobby for 30 years.
And I was a member of Bobby Goldsboro Fan Club that was managed by Jan Brown. The News
letter was rich in content. So I'd like to publish a news letter like Jan's on this page.

Please write your comment to make a fan's page..
I hope you'll enjoy this page!!

December 21,1997

Keiki Sato

If you are looking for news, check out News Flash. And you can find Bobby's now and then; his discography with album covers;
albums and singles released in Japan; something about Bobby.

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