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Nice site! Been a Bobby Goldsboro admire since I first heard "Honey". I was 18 and starting to realize there were no other singers out there besides The Beatles! I've tried to get all the old LPs for my collection since. Still looking for some and always stop off at yard sales, flea markets, etc just in case! Hard to say which is my favorite album probably "Word Pictures" which I won off a Vancouver, BC radio station in 1968. I think it was CFUN. Favorite song: "Summer, The First Time. I could relate to that when I turned 17 so if you know the Lyrics, enough said ! Sure would have liked to see Bobby in his prime but life goes on and we still have our memories and music to keep us young.

A Fan in Ottawa, Canada

Donna McMullen<>

Hi. I've been a Bobby Goldsboro fan since I was about 5. My older sister had the LP"Autumn of My Life" and I played it over and over. I've been searching for years another copy of it. My daughter, Dannie, is named after the song "Danny" and I really want to play it for her. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
Donna McMullen
Huffman, TX


Does anyone know what kind of tree honey planted in the song? It was a cedar tree. Bobby says so in the first line of the song. SEE TH tree how big it's grown----.


I'm an old greezer over 60 and have been a Bobby fan from the git go and have raised my daughters on Bobby's music. I am searching for The World Beyond lyrics, I know it came out it 1970 with or part of "My God and I " some lyrics include, they put all the trees in a treemuseum, and charged to see them. Am I
on cue?Please help.

Glenn MacDonald<>

Always great to hear from another Bobby Goldsboro fan. Greetings to everyone in Japan. I was there several times between 1966 and 1976. Liked it very much. COME BACK HOME is one og my favorite "cut" by Bobby, bit it's not any CASSETTE(my preferred type of recording) compilation that I know about.Do you have it?

Janna Bailey<>

Do any of you get the Game Show Channel? Beginning on April 15th 2002. The Game Show Channel will be showing Win, Lose or Draw and the old Hollywood Square in 73 or 74. That jarred my memory and I remembered being Hollywood Squares in 76 about the same time Gator or Gus, two movies Bobby sang and rote the key music for. Bobby also was on Win, Lose or Draw.

Wasn't Bobby told to go by the name Bobby Hart? I seem to remember reading that somewhere. Thank you.

Mike Bryant<>

I came upon your fan page by coincidnce today! What a wonderful place to share thoughts with people who understand; and what an opportunity to express sincere appreciation for a man whose music(and he himself) have meant so much to countless numbers of people.

Like so many others posting on this site, as a child in the '60s I think my first experience of Bobby Goldsboro came from my mother, who had several of Bobby's 45s in her record rack and his TV show on every week. Even as a young boy, it always struck me how honest and unabashedly sensitive his songs were. I believe it's where I learned how men could express emotions, and it was alright. My father was never a real presence in the home, and Bobby's records made a true connection with me at a very important time. I guss it doesn't surprise me that he's using his talent now for the kids; I would guess they're in pretty good hands! I'm 40 now and have made every possible effort to replace my scratched(translation: heavily listened-to) Bobby Goldsboro vinyly with CDs, or at least cassettes. I'm gettin' there, but if anyone knows maybe where to uncover "Strange Old William", "For A Little While", "Me and the Elephant", etc. on disc, hope you'll e-mail. Please never close this sight! It's such a joy to have!

Take Good Care


Dear Keiki: I'm almost 49 and I've been a Bobby Goldsboro fan since I was in high school; I named my son, Scott, after "Watchin Scotty Grow" because I really liked that song. I saw him perform twice in Denver back in the 70s. He seems to have dropped out of sight. What has happen to him ? The last time I saw him on TV was doing some kind of Christmas special on Nashville Network back in about 92.

Ronald Lofton<>

Do you have the lyrics to "Time Good, Time Bad" ? If so, would you post them or mail them to me.
Thanks in advance. Ronnie.

Linda Hjort-Tatarian<>

Dear Bobby's fans,
I believe Bobby did a song in the 70's with the following lyrics, but I cannot remember the whole tune or the chords. I used to sing in the 70's for weddings by changing a wod here and there. I am about to sing in a wedding and would like to do this tune again. Anyone familiar with it ? Did Bobby do it ?

Here are the lyric I can remember: "I'll be there when you're feeling down. I'll cling to the warmth of your hand. I'll do anything to help you understand. I'll love you more than anybody can. And the wind will whisper your name to me. Little birds will sing along in time. I'll do anything to help you understand. I'll love you more than anybody can."

Thanks for any help. Linda.

Vicky Fain<>

I'm looking for the album, cassette, or CD that has Watercolor Days and Watching Scotty Grow on it. So please e-mail me back ASAP. Thanks, Vicky Fain.


Do you know how I could purchase "We gotta start lovin" CD?


Just a note to let you know, that Tim Tappan, the music director for Bobby's TV show, was from Anderson, Indiana, and graduated from Anderson High School. I went to school with Tim. Anyone know what happened to him?


Love the pages! I have always loved Bobby too but never knew about a fan club ! Is there one now or newsletter I can't find any into about it ? Also if anyone on the board would be willing to share copies of any of their photos, info I would be willing to buy it. I am trying to complete my collection I started in the 60's. Would welcome any e-mail about Bobby. Thanks ! Barb. IN

Sonny Williams<>

I recently had a school flashback from 1961-62. We had a Christmas Dance at the Country Club of Columbus, GA. Our band was a Dothan, Alabama known as the "Webs", featuring Bobby Goldsboro. We had never heard of them. They played a catchy little tune called "Hey Man, I Can't Hear Ya, I Got A Cricket In My Ear" highlighted by Bobby's amazing cricket chirps. We went crazy! I remember Bobby playing guitar, piano and drums. He did it all. Tons of charisma and stage appeal. He was great! I knew this guy was going to make it in show business. What a great night for a 14 year-old high school kid! Thanks, Bobby Goldsboro and The Webs for a great memory!

P.S. By the way, I would love to know who the other members of "The Webs" were. I also would like to see a promo photo of "The Webs". Does anyone out there have any info on this?

Carl Dickson<>

I've been looking for the lyrics to Mississippi Delta Queen I heard years ago. Can't find it, though this may be it. Are the lyrics available to the song?

Larry Leggett<lleggett@baileynet>

I have always really liked "Autumn of My Life" ,but have been puzzled as to its real meaning. Is the song about the husband dying ang going away or is it about a pending divorce with the little woman?? The lyrics to this get me every time I listen to it. It truly is a beautifully written song. Hope you can answer this for me and thanks for reading this.


Way back in 1971 I went to the royal show in Adelaide , south Australlia, now in one of the show bags I bought(well dad bought) contained my first record of which had a couple of songs called "Watching Scotty Grow" and "Water Color days". I kept this piece of treasure for a keep sake as to remind me of my youth. So today when looking for the artist on napster, I once again listened to this piece of music which now being a father has more meaning-and for all these years the funny thing is I thought the guy who sang that song was was probably a one hit wonder. I have never heard "Watching Scotty Grow" on any radio or TV. I didn't till now even know it was a well known song-I guess you live and learn-Thanks Bobby!

June Peel Gray<>

I was so excited today(Bobby's Birthday) when I saw on the internet that today Bobby Goldsboro is 60 years old. I am especially excited that I found the web site for all the news about someone we all love.
I used to live down the street from Bobby and his brother and we all played together. I am from Marianna/Dothan area and now live in Tallahassee, FL. I used to tap dance all the time with my partner John Gause in the 40's and 50's . And Marianna is a wonderful place to be from. Good Luck Bobby-you deserve all the RECOGNITION and I will certainly advertise here in Tallahassee for all your "new"things!! Love ya!

Barbara Harris<>

I always love the song of "Honey" and wonder if he wrote that and looking for the words of this song. He will make more CDs.

Mike Tagart<>

Was in the local Fred Meyer store here in the little town of Monroe, WA. where I now live (near Seattle) and was brousing thru the easy listening section and found a Bobby Goldsboro Best Hits CD. Bought it, slid it in and let the memories come! 22 songs, all hits. Bobby was very big back in my day when I was a disc jocky from 1968 to 1971. I am now 60 years old, but back in the late 60's to early 70's I laid down the hits! I must have played "Honey" over 3,000 times for the listeners, as we know one of the biggest selling singles of all time. I'm not sure, but I think "Sugar, Sugar" might have been bigger as it sold over 6 million copies in 1968/69. I played his music all up and down the west coast; KDAC in Fort Bragg, CA. KPLS in Santa Rosa, CA., KXLY in Spokane, WA. and finished off in Seattle at KIRO and KMPS.

Bobby's lyrics always tell a clear and concise story, reminds me of Kris Kristofferson's style a lot.
My favorite? has to be "The Cowboy and The Lady" followed by "Watching Scotty Grow". Wish he would do some new stuff, but he sounds like he's too busy!

Rhonda Brown<>

I dealy love Bobby! I have most if not all of his LP's and am now in the mist of trying to get his record company to put his old LP's out on CD. If you'd like to write, please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings on Bobby as well.

Rick Moore<>

Hello there! As a 48 years old (gasp, it can't be so!) Bobby Goldsboro has always been one of my all time favorite singer/performers. Of all the wonderful songs he has performed ...and there are very favorite has to be "A Butterfly For Bucky"!! such beautiful words and sentiment. I myself sing for residents of Nursing homes and for special occasions and I use taped background (or karaoke) music, only to have gotten the reply that Butterfly For Bucky is one of Bobby Goldsboro's "lesser recordings" and so not available on background accompaniment sections. What a shame...Because we all know that is will always be one of his greatest hits! Thank you for sharing this page.

Li Jiuen<>

I've been to your web site and I saw this Goldsboro CD "Goldsboro(1977) Epic-AL 34703" that you've put up. I'm especially keen in the song "Me and The elephants" and I'd wonder if you could let me know if there's any way I can get hold of a copy the CD or the song coz' I don't seem to be able to get it from anywhere. I have tried to find CD and MP3 but don't seem to be able to locate it any more. Thank you for your attendance.

Lindy Cooksey<>

I'm another one of those who've been a fan of Bobby's forever... bought all the singles and albums I could find, audiotaped his appearance in those days before VCRs, belonged to the fan clubs, collected tons of articles and pictures. I've also had the pleasure of seeing him in concert several times, and it was always a treat!

It's a good to see there are still a lot of other folks who appreciate his talent and love his music. I wonder if anyone 'd interested in e-mail list to discuss Bobby related stuff?

Gloria J. Kannas<>

It was just last week that I visited an oldies station in Sioux Falls, S.D. and asked if they knew what happened to Bobby Goldsboro. He once played the Corn Palace in Mitchell, S.D. and if I am not mistaken, he fell and broke his arm. He was accident prone as I understand. I'm wondering if this is still the case or has he outgrown that malady. Today I thought, gee I have webtv I should be able to find out about Bobby.
I am so happy to find this site. Please keep me updated on Bobby and if he ever decides to go on tour again (please do it) I will be the first to buy a ticket.

Janna Bailey<>

I have been an avid Bobby Goldsboro fan for over twenty-five years. I wish that Bobby were on television more often. His voice is wonderful and easy to listen to. I love the "Rice Crispies Story" as well the story of "The Frog And The Drunks". I 've been a member of Bobby's fan club since 1974. Is there another Bobby Goldsboro Fan Club ? Is he going to appear Las Vegas anytime soon ? Thanks and God Bless.

<I have some information that The Fans of Bobby Goldsboro newsline might be able to use.
I was shopping at our local bookstore, Hastings, when I saw Bobby's "Easter Egg Morning". There are several Hastings stores in about seven to nine Midwest states. I am not sure how many stores have a Hasting Store. It may also be at grocery stores, or other outletes.


I love this homepage! My daughter has been a huge fan of Swamp Critters, but we can't find it on TV anymore. It was on EVERY weekday morning, and we both enjoyed it. A children's show adult also loke is hard to find. Thank you very much, and keep up the good work!

David Hodge<>

I have been a fan of Bobby's for 26 years. I love his music and I wish he would keep making more albums. My biggest dream is to meet him in person. I would love to sing a song with him. I would also love to meet his wife. I pray that some day my dream will come true. There is nothing more I want in all the world. I named my first child Brandi because he also has a daughter with this name. My youngest daughter is three years old now but when she was 18 months old she started watching the Swamp Critters and loved it. Bobby has even captured Brittany's heart. She has good taste.

Does anyone know what Bobby is doing now? Is he still making Swamp Critters or is he doing something else? Does Swamp Critters still air? I can't find it anymore.


I believe Bobby should re-release "Come Back Home" again. I feel it would be a hit and the world needs that song right now! The whole album is great.

Rob Nayor<>

Could you please let me know the lyrics to "Summer(The First Time)", especially the line after? "She threw back hair, like I wasn't there"

Janice McLain<>

Bobby has always been one of my favorite and I have been looking for "Alice Doesn't Love Here Anymore" for sometime. Do you know of a place to purchase Bobby's old albums? Great site.


I'm only 28 and a HUGE fan of Bobby's sound. I write myself and I think that's why I appreciate his music and sound. He really does have a great voice. I grew up with a great awareness of music, mainly the music we call "oldies" now. I had heard "Little Things" and maybe a few others on the radio, but just 2 years ago, I heard a best of CD that a gentleman we built a house for had playing. I fell in love with his sound and have been ever since. Just thought I'd let you know I love Bobby Goldsboro too.


I searched on the computer for over an hour before I found anything on Bobby Goldsboro's song "I AM A ROCK". This is one of my favorite songs of all time, but nobody mentions it. I enjoy his music anytime I hear it on the radio. I am a "60's child" and still love his music till this day. I just wish he do more television appearances. Glad to hear he was inducted in January !!


Have you ever heard of Konocti Resort in Clear Lake CA? It's a beautiful place, and they have an outdoor theater. A few famous people play there and when I went to visit, I thought what a good place for Bobby to come and play!

Donna M. Kenney<>

I've been looking for Bobby Goldsboro news for ages. A radio station in our area(Clearksville, Virginia USA) just featured Bobby Goldsboro the other day and commented that he just isn't played on the radio that much anymore and what a great artist he is. Now I know, thanks to you, that he is very much alive and doing very well on PBS. He is doing something that he loves. WONDERFUL! I shall look for his show on PBS. I would love to see the lyrics of his song, "A Butterfly For Bucky". I'm looking for the lyric to a song of Bobby's, very light and uplifting, around '76 or '78. This could be it. Thank you again, for the site and should you find the words for "A Butterfly For Bucky", I would be so,ooo pleased...

God's peace & love to you and yours

Walt Johnson<>

I live not far from Mr.Goldsboro's old home grounds. We here at Turtle Pond would love to hear from him when he is around this way(Marianna). We admire his work and his professionalism.

Dona J. Hartwich<> Australia

Everytime I hear the song, "Watching Scotty Grow, I wonder what did happen to Scotty? What is he doing now? I remember Bobby talking about him on The Mike Douglas Show, when the song came out.

John Melgard<>

I too, have been a fan of Bobby's since the late sixties, at about age 12. His songs still resonate through my head, especially "Honey" and "Watching Scotty Grow". I became concerned when he dropped out of sight, and wondered since then what had become of him. It is good to know that things are going well. Thank you Bobby, for the songs and memories.

David Winer<>

When I was growing up I always heard a Bobby Goldsboro song playing. And I have every Bobby Goldsboro album I can get my hands on. Bobby, you're The man!


I have loved this man for more than 25 years. I've seen him perform in Canton,Oh when I was a teenager and wanted to get married on his birthday, but the church was not available on January 18. So we got married on January 19. On our honeymoon we went to Tennessee to see his house. I have a picture of me in front of his house.

Fread A. Clark.<>

I just want to let you know that the song "Watching Scotty Grow" was out the time that my very good friend Scotty die. Every time I hear that song it makes me stop and think of him. He was only 12 or 13 when he died. It's been a long time since he has gone, but I still think of all good time we had it the boy scouts. I just want to thank you so much after all the years for the song. As long as all his friends can hear the song, he will never die in our hearts.

Ron Beebe<>

I started listening to Bobby in the late 60's. I believe he released "Honey" in 68. If I am wrong on that, someone correct me. No matter the exact year, my first wife and I were in an auto accident in 69. She passed away within three days. I could not listen to that song for at least 2 years without breaking down. I loved that song as well as most of the others that Bobby has released. I just bought a CD this passed weekend with "Honey", "Autumn of My Life", Watching Scotty Grow",, "With Pen in Hand" and several more on it. It's great. I took it with me to Penna. to visit my father this past weekend and you know what, after 30 years, "Honey" can still break me down. I haven't seen Bobby on the tube for so long that I don't know what his status is. If anyone has an update I would appreciate an e-mail. Thanks, Ron.


I am a 44 years old woman from Pennsylvania who has listened to Bobby's music since I was about 13 or so. I think I have every one of his albums until I found your web page. I had no idea what had become of him. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting him and his band in 1977 in Pittsburgh, where he was performing for a weekend in a local nightclub. My first husband and I (I will never forget, he "bribed" the maitre'd and we had FRONT ROW SEATS!) attended 2 shows nightly for 3 nights in a row, and after the third night (come on-6 performances with me sighing in the front row...) We were invited to go backstage and meet the band and I have an entire photo album of personal pictures and mementos. I even sent copies of the picture to Bobby and received a beautiful hand-written thank you note. I will always appreciate the impact he left on my life, and still listen to his music often.

Shirley Chadwick<>

I remember- way too many years then I care to mention-I just had a new baby boy. Well, he was 3 days old-they were ready to dismiss both of us from the hospital-and he still didn't have a name. On the radio came a song-Watching Scotty Grow. Believe it or not, there was no "Scotty's"-this was a new one on me. I fell in love with the song-Bobby Goldsboro and my new son-all at the same time! If you read this-thanks Bobby for all the joy you have brought through the years.

Frederick Hokama<>

I'm 38 years old and I can remember the tear jerking themes of Mr.Goldsboro in the mid and late 1960's. He has class, communicates a message that makes sense and is a very gifted, talented singer. I miss those days of old and the good quality musicians that came from that era.

Cathy Landes<>

I don't know if Bobby himself would ever see this but I have liked his music since I was about 8 or 9. My mom was crazy over his muisc. "Honey" made everyone cry and we danced to "Little Things". I wondered what happened to Bobby. We didn't hear anything from him for a long time. We saw him at the Canfield Fair in concert and went back for the second show. I managed to film him. It was great. I still remember what he wore. A beautiful one-piece pants outfit-red with black through it and a belt. I can remember watching him on all the talk show(Mike Douglas and Dinah Shore) and I love that frog thing he always did. He never in my opinion got the credit he deserved for writing those beautiful songs (and singing them too). I will make sure we check out the TLC channel on July 4 to see the show he put together. We will always love him.

Ronald Lemcke<>

There is a toll free number where you can buy CD's and cassettes by Bobby Goldsboro's Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon. It is 1-800-962-5200. They have a CD with eleven songs on it. They also have a Swamp Critters Christmas Cassette also storybooks and more. Please call for more information. I am sure they will be glad to help you in any they can.

Does any one have cassettes of or videos of The Tonight Show with Bobby singing? For he was a co-host for a few weeks in the late 60's or early 70's.
Also any other TV apperarances where he sings? If so please let me know if I can help you with his records that you don't have.
If I can add a stores name does mail orders and has old LP's and 45's that may have some Goldsboro LP's and 45's. Attention Dave: Record Time, 3259 Winton Road South,Rochester,NY 14623. If I can help in any other way, let me know.

Bobby Goldsboro Fan Since 1978

I've been a fan of Bobby's since 1978. I even learned how to do a frog sound like he does. My favorite song is "Butterfly For Bucky". I also wish it was on CD. I only have the LP and 45 of that wonderful song. I wish he would release the video of "Happy Holidays With Bobby Goldsboro". I miss seeing it on TNN. The last time they showed it was 1990. I enjoy all his songs both regular and on Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon. If anyone knows where I can find the song "Lovin' In Slow Motion" or any real hard to find songs by Bobby. Please let me know.

David A. Johnson<>

Bobby Goldsboro will be inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame at our next Induction Banquet and Awards Show on January 29, 1999, at the Von Braum Center in Huntsville, Alabama. He will be present and perform.

Jim Church<>

Where the heck is Bobby? I used to listen to his music and loved the lyrics. I am from Canada and watch a lot of US programs and have not seen Bobby for a long time. Bobby has a beautiful voice and I would like to know if he tours now.

Robert Maich, from Australia<>

Hello Keiki and hello to all the fans of Bobby Goldsboro. I just thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for your website and all the great information on Bobby's albums. At the moment, I have on order"Honey/Summer(The First Time)". I've always loved Bobby Goldsboro's songs. I believe those songs came from an age when the world was less crazy and I'll bet and hope that there is a huge resurgence in the music of Bobby Goldsboro. Thanks.

Wendy Rushmore<>

What a pleasure to find a web site for Bobby Goldsboro. I have loved Bobby for over 30 years now since I was a child. I've "only" got 16 of his albums and wish I had more. Bobby's music is as fresh today as it was then. Anyone who listens to him can hear what a fine writer he is. Just the other day I made a tape for a young lady here at my job of Bobb's songs since she had never heard of him. Well she thought he was terrific. I sure do miss Bobby and the days when you could easily see him on television. His sence of humor and fun and of course his fine singing were always such a treat. Maybe he will release a new album one day... I have always hoped he would... I'll be waiting if and when he does,

Dennis McGuire<>

From "The first time (Summer)" to" The Straight Life ", Bobby Goldsboro has had my utmost admiration. To this day I still listen to him as much as I can. Does anyone know where or when Bobby perform? Please drop me Email if you know. Also I recently discovered our singing friend dwells in Ocala, Florida. If anyone wants more information or wants to share Bobby's information, let me know. Bobby was is, and always will be a big inspiration in my life as a person as well as a performer. Because of his unique singing style. I was able to pick up some of this and adapt this uniqueness in my style. Does anyone have any The Bobby Goldsboro Show saved on video tape? Well I think it's time to go-but until we meet again not before "It's Too Late" and sometime before "Watching Scotty Grow". Talk to you before "Autumn of My Life".

Tom and Sue Scriven<>

I love the song "Honey". What motivated it? I'd like to know more about Bobby's life. Did his first wife die? In the song "Autumn of My Life" he sings about telling his boy of ten that Daddy's leaving? Did that really happened and why

Phil Richardson <>

I am interested in learning more about The Bobby Goldsboro Fan Club and the current status of Bobby.

Nancy Joiner <>

I have been looking for the song "A Butterfly For Bucky" for over 15 years and only recently knew the name and the singer. How can I get a copy of this song or album containig it ? Does it come in CD form?

Carolyn Stoner<Carolyn Stoner@MCI.Com>

I am 20 years old and when I was a bady my parents used to play Bobby Goldsboro records for me. His song were so beautiful that even at age 4 or so I used to sit in my room with his records playing and I would just cry and cry. My parents never understood why I was crying honestly neither did I. I think his voice is just so sweet and I used to pretend he was singing to me. I know he was a son that is not much older than me and sometimes I fantasize that one day we'll meet and his son and I will get married and Bobby will be my father in low. I know this sounds crazy but I am being very sincere. I hope to one day to at least meet Bobby Goldsboro just to shake his hand and hug him.


We enjoy the program "Swamp Critters" so much. Has Bobby made any CD's of the songs from the show? Does he make any appearances? Concerts?

Harrry Fleck

I grew up with Bobby's music,and never missed a record,or episode of his TV show. I miss his voice, and wish I could here more. I would like to be a member of Bobby's Fan Club. As I probably am one of his oldest fans. Thanks to your web site,Keiki. I have seen albums that I didn't know existed. I would like to know if Bobby is still performing.,and when and where. I live in Santa Clara,CA and would,more than anything else,like to see one of Bobby's performances,if he still does them.

Linda Baker<>

I have been a fan of Bobby Goldsboro for just about as long as you have. I was very pleased to find your page. One thing I am very specifically interested in is do you know where I can find a copy of "A Butterfly For Bucky"? I used to have it on an 8-track many tears ago,but it got torn up a long time ago. I would like to have the whole album,but the song that has very special meaning to me. Please let me know where there is a copy of it in any format. Ans also,any updates and other informationabout Bobby. I would love to keep up with. He is very special person and I'm glad finally has a web page on him. Keep up the good work.

Leonard L. Fish<>

I think Bobby Goldsboro is a great singer and I miss seeing him on TV. I know or think that he is a native alabamaian as I am. Is he still alive? Is he ever on TV? Does he make any personal apprearances?

Barbara Bissell<>

I am interested in finding the words/cd/tapeo of "Watching Scotty Grow".


Hello, from beautiful Alabama!! I'd just like to you what I know about Bobby Goldsboro. His parents owned a jewely store in Dothan,Alabama. My father has driven me past it and shown it to me on numerous occasions. My father also had the privilege of sharing a stage one night in the late 50's early 60's with Mr.Goldsboro,Roy Orbison,and The Kinks at Houston co. farm center in Dothan,Alabama. My father's band was The Mar-Teks. I think Bobby had formed his band The Crickets by then.(I'm still a little fuzzy on some details.)

I grew up listeningto his music, and I was very happy to find "Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon" on the learning channel. It's one show that I can enjoy watching wuth my 18 month old daughter; and my mother(who's 63) enjoy it too, mostly for the music. So Bobby is sort of a "Home Boy" for this girl from Dothan,Alabama. And I'll enjoy his music for many years to come.

Thanks for having a Bobby Goldsboro page, and good luck!!

PS- If I can get some pictures net time I'm in Dothen of the jewelry store,I'll send them to you. I'll also see if I can find his childhood home.

Edward Crowe<>

I'm looking from a record that Bobby Goldsboro had out in the late 60's. Water Color Days, and My God and I. Could you help in up taining them or a copy of the recording. Thank you.

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