Discography 2 (1968-1972)

Honey-Pledge Of Love (1968) United Artists-UAS6642

Little Green Apple
Love Arrestor
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Beautiful People
A Woman

Pledge Of Love
Run To Me
With Pen In Hand
Pardon me Miss
Why Don't You Believe Me

Word Pictures-Autumn Of My Life (1968) United Artists-UAS6657

Autumn Of My Life
The World Beyond
Look Around You
Dissatisfied Man
I Am A Rock

The Straight Life
If You Go Away
Hard Luck Joe
Letter To Emily

Today (1969) United Artists-UAS6704

Glad She's A Woman
Richer Men Than I
The World I Used To Know
Tomorrow Is Forgotten
You're Here
What A Wonderful World

I'm A Drifter
Woman Without Love
Ain't That Livin'
Say It's Not Over
Hoboes And Kings

Muddy Mississippy Line(1970) United Artists-UAS 6735

Jean(Main Theme)
Don't It Make You Wanna Go Home
Everybody's Talkin'
Proud Mary
Time Good, Time Bad

Mornin' Mornin'
Lisa Was
Graveyard Of My Mind
Muddy Mississippi Line
Sweet Caroline
Broomstick Cowboy

We Gotta Start Lovin' (1970) United Artists-UAS 6777

My God And I
For The Very First Time
Heaven here On Earth
Mary Jackson
About Time
Down On The Bayou

We Gotta Start Lovin'
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
Water Color Days
Watching Scotty Grow

Come Back Home (1971) United Artist-UAS 5516

Come Back Home
And I Love You So
Saturdays Only
A Poem For My Little Lady
The Gentle Of A Man

It's Up To You
The Gold Hill Hotel
Danny Is Mirror To Me
Your Song
The Next Girl That I Marry
I'll Remember You

California Wine (1972) United Artists-UAS 5578

California Wine
Lizzie And The Rain Man
Southern Fried Singin' Sunday Mornin'
Love The One You're With
Back That Way You Came
The Night Of Your Life

Born To Make You Happy
Country Feelin's
Somebody Loves Me
Why Don't We Go Somewhere And Love
My Lady Friend
To Be With You

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